Daniel Ackley Art

Artist statement: Celebrating the arts, the remarkable artists, and art forms that exist in Central Illinois, Illinois, and beyond. 

Where would we be without art and music? In the days, weeks, and months ahead, I will explore that topic in my new studio at the Sunbeam Building in Peoria, Illinois. Known to local artists as the Studios on Sheridan at The Sunbeam Building, you can find my special space located next to the glass blowing studio. I look forward to meeting you all! If you are a local artist, please send me a quick message here or on my Facebook page. I would enjoy getting to know you better and perhaps to tell your unique art story.


Daniel Ackley
aka 'ACKLEY'
Daniel Ackley is an award-winning political cartoonist, documentary filmmaker, and creative entrepreneur. Born legally blind in 1968 with central cataracts on both eyes, he had dual intraocular lens implant surgery in 1986, correcting his vision from nearly 20/200 to nearly 20/20. He always told people growing up that the old adage "I once was blind, but now I see" was true in his story. Today, he creates unusual works of art, collaborates with various artists on special projects, and promotes the arts with passion, energy, and enthusiasm. Please send him a message at: ackleyart@yahoo.com.